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"Everyone should know about this", I wish I had known about it years ago"

"Cycle insight has brought me closer to myself and every one else with a menstrual cycle around me"


"The wisdom I gained during the workshop has been greater than any other knowledge I have received up until that point, I left feeling empowered."

"You have changed the narrative of my menstruation, now I feel it is something to be honoured."

The goal of ''Love My Cycle" is to enable people to connect to the wisdom of their menstrual cycle and live in harmony with their cyclical selves.


The numbers of people with eating disorders, menstrual disfunction, anxiety and depression in society are too high. The rates of sexual abuse are too high. Understanding and accepting the natural variations in our mood, our bodies, and our energy levels; and replacing the shame for our bodies with love and respect, can go a long way towards reducing the dis-ease in us all and for future generations. 


The information on this site and on instagram provide a new way of viewing ourselves, (well actually a reclaiming of old ways). 

I began my own tracking journey eight years ago and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways, that I am inspired to share with you. 

The glorious expansive role of caring for my children in recent years has enabled me to bring my heart to join my head, and now I can combine all my technical skills in Medical science and Health, Research, and teaching, with my intuition and genuine respect for people. I am committed to helping people believe in the value of their own wisdom.


If you would like to live in greater harmony with yourself and connect to your natural monthly flow, follow me on Instagram, listen to the podcasts, peruse the images.


You can also contact me for an online one-on-one session, or I can organise a workshop (with meditation, learning, sharing and bracelet making) in your town, home, or school.


With love and respect