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Connect to the Rhythm of your

Menstrual Cycle

This information will enable you to connect to the rhythm of your menstrual cycle and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Living in harmony with your needs, and your strengths, throughout your menstrual cycle, helps you become more successful in all areas of your life.  You will find a simple four step process below and life hacks relating your natural cycle to; love, family, work, education, health, parenting and more!


Let's end the negative view of our menstrual cycles and replace it with a positive view of our emotions and our bodies! 


"I never realised how much shame I held on to until it was gone."

"You have changed the narrative of my menstruation, now I feel it is something to be honoured."

"My headaches and cramps have gone since I connected with my cycle, and I really like myself now!''

The Menstrual cycle can simplified into 4 phases, each about a week long. The phases can be likened to the seasons of the year, with a growth (inner spring), action (inner summer), winding down (inner autumn) and rest (inner winter) phase.


The image shows attributes common to each phase. Depending on; our personalities, our past experiences, our response to changes in hormones, the length of our cycle, and other reasons, we all experience the cycle slightly differently but there are many commonalities.


The whole cycle is amazing and powerful and can be a used as positive force in our lives.

Cycle Phases

"My body is healthier because I understand what it needs."'

"If we can share this knowledge I think it will bring the human race closer together."

"I am a kinder parent, now that I live in tune with my needs."

Tips for Connecting to Your Cycle

These free resources are designed to enable to you maximise all aspects of yourself for your own benefit, the benefit of others and our planet.


If you want to feel healthier and happier and more connected, then take four simple steps:

  1. Explore your menstrual cycle beliefs, with this guided meditation. 

  2. Learn how to track your cycle with the image below.

  3. Gain inspiration about cycle rhythms, see the images below and listen to the podcasts.

  4. Begin to track your own cycle. This is the last but most important, This work is all about getting to know yourself and believing in your amazing skills and your body!

Download this easy self awareness chart to get yourself started. P.S. Your partner, mum, friends, house mates or even kids can do one too!


More images coming soon on; exercise, self esteem, caring for others and more!

Check out instagram for lots of ideas.


I hope you enjoy your journey into your cycle.

If you would like me work in more depth with me, or you have any questions, please get in touch.